Megan Switala Photography


Baseball and Summertime

While this summer is coming to an end, I wanted to talk about my experience interning with the Buffalo Bisons. If anyone does not know who they are, they are the minor league baseball team here in Buffalo, New York. This internship I have learned how to get different actions shots, players running base to base, catching and swinging the bat. Not only was getting different photographs important, the number one rule of photographing baseball is watch out for foul balls, they could be anywhere. In the three months of my internship I ended up getting hit with two baseballs, I still have the bruises. I have interned through a few different photography companies but this one was one of my favorites from shooting game footage and then working with different people and getting to work with there team photographer Jim McCoy, getting pointers from him because before this I never did any type of sports photography. After this internship I think I am going to keep exploring with sports photography! 



Check out some of my photos from this season!